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01 December 2008 @ 05:42 pm
Letter Twenty-Four: Olivia to Pia  

Dear Pia,

Whether you wish to attend or not is perfectly acceptable, though I do request that you send a cable at least five days in advance so that we can fill your room. The Schoonmaker is holding our guests, naturally. Will you and Cappi be in the same room or will you be keeping up pretense by having us order separate ones. Perhaps adjoined?

Of course I wouldn’t mind having your friend with us (you do have so many friends, Pia) as long as he does not attend the meeting itself. It’s strictly for the Two Hundred. Foolish, of course, but what can be done about blood? Antiquated, yes, but it still matters so much to so many people. After all, where would you, for example, be without it? I hate to be so frank about class but you did always appreciate frankness: A Two Hundred woman can be spirited. A more common-born spirit ends up under a red light.

As for hating me so much, darling, don’t think a thing of it. It was a different time and we were both such other people. As you say, the past is past. I’m not sure why you think I might ask for forgiveness, however. What can I have done that requires forgiveness?

I was very sorry to hear of your father’s illness, although I can’t see why he continues to turn away the doctors. I suppose you are right, I don’t know or understand Theodore Doisneau well enough. And yes, he certainly is in all of our prayers.

Thank you for your congratulations on my marriage. I assure you, William and I are very happy. When we do have children, I trust you will read the announcements in the papers.

I don’t think you understand about our family. I am incapable of becoming or ceasing to be a Doisneau. I am a Doisneau, I have been since my birth and I will be until my death, whatever my actions or choices. If you think your thin, illegitimate blood claim to this family is enough to give you full comprehension of our workings, you are mistaken. There is no choice here. You are right; it is not your place to judge because you can never understand. What they told me the night before my wedding changed how I view everything and everyone. They offered to tell you as well and you denied. Perhaps you even made the right decision. Regardless, you can never understand.

I am sorry as well that things have ended up this way. But truthfully? It was inevitable.